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During the past decade it’s become apparent that print media is dying; magazines and newspapers are battling it out to stay relevant, while online media is thriving. Somewhere in this digital shift, podcasts have evolved to become a very valuable and powerful communication channel.

Advertisers, like SquareSpace and NatureBox, are taking advantage of the huge audiences podcasts draw in, and organizations are conveying key messaging to broader demographics. On top of that, podcast producers are getting more creative and finding innovative ways to broadcast their content.

Millions of people have downloaded and listened to a podcast within the last 24 hours, and with the amount of selection, (over 250,000 unique podcasts, more than 100 languages, and more than 8 million episodes) digital professionals aren’t surprised. [source]

With all these podcasts, there had to be some that share insights with those who work in digital, marketing, pr and communications–and there are.

My first introduction to useful and entertaining podcasts happened with a chance listen to Terry O’Reilly‘s Under the Influence, a CBC program that explores critical learnings from the last century of advertising … I was hooked.

Soon after I discovered 99% Invisible, which is interesting because it discusses topics the general population doesn’t know about but that still affect us all. It key insights come from the world of design and architecture.

Another podcast I would reccommend is TWIT. I would describe it as the CNN of tech news, as it gives updates on the latest tech innovations, current events and upcoming trends. Each week, you can tune-in to gain insights from one of their many their high-profile guests. After listening to each episode, you can see why it’s considered one of the top earning podcasts (with an estimated gross revenue of $50,000/episode).

With my library full of podcasts, I barely listen to music anymore; however, I’m learning more and becoming well-versed in advertising, design and tech strategies. Check out a few of my favourites below, or send me a list of the podcasts you think every digital strategist should have bookmarked.


1. Podcasts are the future, so get on it! If your clients aren’t advertising, creating, or dabbling in podcasts, then you may need to re-assess your digital outreach strategy.

2. Listening to podcasts produced by the leaders of our industry will improve your strategic technique; no matter how much you know there are always valuable perspectives/insights to be gained. Suggested podcasts include:

Under the Influence (Advertising and Marketing)
99% Invisible (Design and Architecture)
This Week in Tech (Technology and Innovation)
+ Freakonomics (Economics, Social Trends and Outliers)
+ On the Media (Media Relations and Journalism)
+ On the Grid (Design and Innovation)
+ Design Matters (Design and Designers)
+ Six Pixels of Separation (Digital Marketing)

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